3 Ways to Turn Your Website Into A Lead-Generating Machine

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  2. 3 Ways to Turn Your Website Into A Lead-Generating Machine

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Generating leads through your website is vital for any online marketing strategy, especially if you’re a small or local business. You are competing with all the other brands and big companies that show up on search. Read on for 3 simple ways to turn your website into a lead-generating machine that runs on autopilot.

  1. Make It Super Simple To Start a Conversation With You

Chatting with your customers is a key piece of building lasting relationships. They allow you to build trust, boost engagement, and overcome objections on the path to purchase. Automation has made many customer-business conversations feel more robotic than personal. Though it’s easier than ever to find ways to respond to your leads, without needing a single person in the process. As efficient as managing these conversations has become, the absence of real people damages the potential for you to create a trusting relationship with the customer. Even if you do leverage AI and automation to manage the conversation (which we encourage!), be sure to add in elements that make your messages feel genuine and personal.

Here are some easy tips to help you stand out from the crowd and optimize your conversations to convert more leads:

  • Include a “Contact Us” type of page. A contact form can be helpful for leads who want space to explain their situation or have questions. Add any links to social media pages for more organic traffic. Have team members monitoring messages there, as well.
  • Feature an OBVIOUS button to schedule time with you. Add a button in your main menu or in the first fold of your website, and be sure to label it with a crystal clear call-to-action. Once someone is ready to schedule a time with you, they’re probably pretty convinced that your business has value that they can benefit from. You can continue to make that scheduling process seamless by sending confirmation and reminder messages.
  • Try out a Live Chat feature for even more ease. A Live Chat feature allows for leads to get their questions answered as soon as they come up when browsing your website, minimizing the chance of them leaving without taking action. The sooner you can be ready to talk to an interested lead, the more likely you are to convert them.
  1. Provide incentives to continue the conversation.

It can be difficult to keep a conversation going once it has started to fizzle out. It’s tricky to reignite a conversation once it’s lost momentum. The easiest way to re-engage past or pending customers is to add value to the offer you’ve already presented to them on your site. Give them a reason to come back! This is when incentives come into play.

They’re all over the place: Website pop-ups offering you 10% off if you join their email list or sign up with your phone number for a discount.

Why are they so popular, you may ask? They get results. Period. You need to make the most of the (likely brief) time someone spends browsing your site. Give them a reason to stay engaged. Opting them in for promotional content will allow you to follow up and remind them why they visited your site to begin with. You can send promos via email or SMS (the trend leans heavily towards texting right now) in order to nurture them and convince them that you really are the best.

Some effective incentives could include a discount on their first purchase, free shipping, a reduced or free consultation of some kind, or even a freebie (like a PDF or eBook) they can download after signing up. When you tie in a special offer as a thank you for visiting your site or signing up, you start building customer relationships that last.

  1. Create trust through reviews and testimonials.

In order to create a lasting relationship with your customers, you need them to know, like, and trust you as a business. Creating trust is both the most difficult and the most powerful piece of this puzzle. In order to become the no-brainer choice for customers to support, you need a foundation of trust.

There are, unfortunately, a lot of sketchy and scammy businesses in the online world. It’s easy to front as an honest, small business, but under the surface, many of the businesses you see online don’t have the customer’s best interests in mind. There are plenty of money-hungry businesses who will provide the bare minimum (or less) and overcharge for it.

As a result, many customers are skeptical when it comes to searching for businesses online. By providing reviews from people who had a great experience working with you, you’re providing people with confidence and reassurance that they can work with you and walk away with a similar success story. Your happy customers are your greatest advocates, and making them visible is a powerful way to grow your business.

To start this process and begin gathering reviews and testimonials, you can reach out to happy customers and ask them to review your business. Tools like BizBuilder.io make this super easy. You can use these assets on your website‘s homepage to build credibility and prove that you’re the real deal.

It’s worth it to invest in building up reviews. So many customers are excited to support small and local businesses; all you need to do is let them know you need their help! The trust you can create through this process can do wonders for your business and keep customers loyal for years and years to come.

Wrapping up

You can use your website to make an awesome first impression and win favor and support from your customers early on. No matter how a lead hears about your business, it’s likely that the first step they’ll take is to search you online. Make sure that they’re gonna love what they’ll find!

Hopefully, you use these tips to boost your website and wow your customers. BizBuilder.io makes this process easy. If you’re interested in seeing how we can help you leverage marketing the best strategies for your business, sign up for a strategy call. We’d be happy to help you get started.

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