The why behind BizBuilder.io

A letter from our President

I’ve always been in the business of helping people. I used to work a desk job, churning out auto and home quotes. The fulfilling part was always connecting with the actual people behind the products.

But I dreamt of doing something bigger, something that could earn me back more flexibility and time with my family… And take my passion for helping people to the next level.

I’m also a (very proud!!) dad of three. Between catching soccer games, dance competitions, and parent-teacher conferences, I make it my mission to show up for both the big and small moments in my kids’ lives.

So, I quit. I surrounded myself with mentors and coaches to learn what real entrepreneurship was all about. Despite all the education, certifications, and letters I attached to my name, the greatest lesson I ever learned was through life experience: Time is your most valuable asset.

One of the goals of starting a business was to stop trading my time for money. I wanted more freedom to do what I wanted to do, when I wanted to do it, and with the people I wanted to be around. Many people venture out and start a business with this exact desire.

That’s the goal, but what is the reality?

Well, you start working with people you don’t love. You start taking on all the tasks because it’s too difficult to set up predictable processes. You start to feel like your business is actually a cage that you’ve built around yourself, preventing you from doing all the things that motivated you to start it in the first place.

That’s why I started BizBuilder.io.

After spending nearly 2 decades building my insurance and financial services business, running my own marketing, navigating through all the ‘climate changes', and helping my clients build their businesses, I decided to “go public” and help business owners like you!

BizBuilder.io provides easy-to-use marketing solutions that get you more customers and improve their experience—so you can get back more of your precious time. Whether you want to spend that extra time with family, traveling, or chilling on a boat (my hobby of choice), we will equip you with the tools to get there.


President, BizBuilder.io Inc.

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